Rodri is a family company for over 50 years, specialized in manufacturing and product development, mainly in household- and household electric appliances. We are manufacturer of 3D printers and preservers which are made of plastic, enameled steel and stainless steel. The preservers are also used in the physiotherapy branch as packheaters, used 24/7. Brands like Weck®, Rodri® and ABC® are all produced in our factory, which is located in Germany. The appliances all bear the VDE approvals. For the USA we have the UL approval.

OEM and 3rd party production

Besides our own product range, we offer manufacturing and assembly as a service for customers. This varies from simple production up to projects, where we invest in tooling, manufacturing, financing and distribution. In these cases the product is owned by the customer and we merely supply the service.

Quality and our way of work

Our main goal is to satisfy the customers with high quality. To reach this goal we have our production facilities in Europe, mainly in Holland and Germany. By investing in automated production, we are able to reach high quality against low costs. We are also very proud of providing work for people who are mentally or physically disabled, this way we take them out of their solitary environment and provide them with a social function in the society.


– Our assembly lines are optimized for the quantity they have to produce.
– Each line has a test unit. This gives us the possibility to test every electrical item on safety and function, this to ensure 100% tested units in the market.
– We designed the lines to be flexible in use of people, this providing us the possibility to quickly increase the production capacity, up to 700 pcs per day.
– The social working places we cooperate with are all ISO 9001 certified.

Tooling and Injection Molding

To be as flexible as possible we produce the plastic parts all in Germany and the Netherlands. This ensures a better quality-control and flexibility in supply. The site in Holland is fully automated and the site in Germany is capable of producing big items. All parts of the preservers are injection molded in these factories. Lids, handles, buttons, accessory juicer, even the tank of one of our preservers, which bucket has a volume off 30 liters.
In our Tooling shop we provide the daily and monthly service to the tools. Also we manufacture tools for new products where we can optimize the design. In this way we are able to reach European quality against reasonable prices.