·  Print temperature up to 380 °C
·  Eichenberger spindle driven system
·  Linear motion axis system
·  Stainless steel chassis
·  Satin glass heat bed


Where design meets quality

The last years we have supplied to multiple of shops, dental industry etc. We have noticed that more and more businesses are starting with 3D printing. Therefore also the demand is getting bigger to more materials but we could not find the right printer which fits our needs. At that moment the our printer was born….
From the first moment the philosophy behind our printer is high quality but against a reasonable price. Our printer is made of stainless steel to meet the industrial quality demands which also looks great! Equipped with a heatbed with exchangeable satin glass plate which will help you to get a reliable adhesion
Rodri and LM systems have cooperate to put spindle drive into a 3D printer for the first time. With this system the Rodri 3D printer can print fast, quiet and with high precision! Also we have built in more powerful electronics (24V for the spindle system) and heating equipment. In this way the Spectrum can reach print temperatures until 380 degrees and the heatbed will heat up to 120 degrees in less than 50 seconds


Suitable for wide range of materials

• Printer: 520mm x 440mm x 510mm
• Print area: 320mm x 230mm x 250mm
• MKS gen 1.4
• Touch screen
• USB port
• 230V 850W power supply
• Hot end up to 380 °C
• Heatbed up to 120 °C
• High : 50 Microns
• Medium : 200 Microns
• Low : 300 Microns
• CE certification
• Enclosed machine
• Alulineartechnik aluminium rail guide system
• Eichenberger driving system
• Stainless steel chassis
• 4 point calibration